I keep hearing that cars are becoming appliances. Performance cars are too fast to be used anywhere and luxury cars are unaffordable so we all drive appliances to and from work and, just like kitchenware, they are mostly white or silver with the occasional black.

Perversely, fridges are becoming more like cars used to be. They come in stereotypes depending on origin. For example, if you can hang half a carcass along with eight slabs of beer it is probably American. If it scans barcodes, keeps inventory and orders refills over the web it is Korean or Japanese and if it is colourful and stylish it will be European. If it’s white, noisy and goes forever it might be an Aussie.

A trend I have noticed lately is bloke’s fridges. These come swaddled in denim or deer hide or just painted in your team colours and they are meant for the ‘man cave’. They hold many cans and bottles and there is no shelf for quiche. My question is, “What about the girls?”.

I don’t subscribe to the convention that women belong in the kitchen and I can fry bacon sandwiches as well as anybody. Why are there no fridges for the room dedicated to the lady of the house. I’m not necessarily suggesting pink ribbons or quilting but has anybody thought this through? And why is the man cave also known as the sports bar or game room. Of my acquaintances most of the actual sporting activities are carried out by the WAG. I have female fiends who run up mountains or compete in triathlons or marathons. Most of my male friends have bad backs or crook knees and prefer to sit in a soft recliner with a cold beer watching footy or cricket on a half-hectare Television.

Oh, I just realised that I have answered my own question!

P.S. WAG = Wives and girlfriends.